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***New Feature Added***
Spotify Playlist Submission: Get your Spotify tracks on our playlists and generate royalties for your music no matter the genre. Our playlists generate thousands of plays per month and almost all our playlist spins come from USA Spotify members. This will ensure you get the best rates for Spotify plays. Your music will stay on our playlists as long as you are subscribed to the KSBEATS MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM.
1. Full access to all the instrumentals posted to the beats catalog as well as future beats. All instrumentals will have stems/track outs included. Members will have a specific page to request these instrumentals from. All requests will be sent from Need different genres of music? No problem. Besides myself being a producer, I now have a team of producers that will be posting many different genres of beats such as Reggae, Dancehall, Trap, Hip-hop, EDM, Calypso, Soca, Reggaeton and the list goes on. Beats will be posted on a weekly basis in order for members to have a wide variety of beats to choose from.
2. I have a team of professional audio engineers that will allow me to provide unlimited audio mastering for any amount of songs you wish to master at any time during your subscription. You can master songs that you have recorded with other producers as well. The only requirement is, songs must be properly mixed and must be a stereo wav file in 16bit 44.1khz or higher. A headroom of -6db (without limiting) is also required in order for engineers to give the best quality of mastering. Requests for audio mastering will also be done at
3. Music has gone digital and the potential of reaching the entire world with your music is far easier today. Digital Music Distribution is a great outlet to sell your music internationally and one of the easiest ways to bank on streaming royalties from your sound recording. Having this service will allow you to put your music on sites such as Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Napster, Amazon and the list goes on. This service is also covered under the KSBEATS Membership Program. You will be able to distribute an unlimited amount of songs for the duration of your subscription.
4. Global Music Publishing is the second half of your royalty revenue and is also covered under KSBEATS Membership. The first half was mentioned above which is streaming royalties for your sound recording. Our Global Music Publishing service will ensure that your track titles are registered in over 296 countries/territories which will allow you to receive royalties internationally. The difference between Global Music Publishing and Distribution is:
(a) Distribution only covers royalties for your masters which is normally controlled by your label (Sound Recording).
(b) Global Music Publishing only covers royalties for your composition which is normally controlled by the Songwriters/Producers of your music.
Together they make the full royalty pie. Having them both will allow you to collect all the royalties that are due to you. To receive both of these royalty revenues, you must be the songwriter and producer of your own music as an independent label.
if you would like to know more about music royalties, please use our contact page.
Being a KSBEATS MEMBER allows you to have access to all these services for a monthly fee of $19.99USD for one artist or $35.00USD if you are a label managing multiple artists.


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Please be aware that instrumentals on our beats catalog page are covered under KSBEATS TERMS.


For people who wish to become members but do not have a credit/debit card or PayPal, please use the info on the contact page to send Western Union or MoneyGram payments. Send Name, Email Address, Country and Reference/MTCN number to
A minimum of 2 months subscription is required for Western Union and MoneyGram payments.