Newly posted beats will be featured on this page for seven (7) days (Offer ends on 7th day 11:59pm UTC Time).  During this period, the featured beats will be available for exclusive purchasing only. Any beat that is sold during the 7 day period will be marked as sold on our YouTube Channel and the 'buy exclusively' button will be removed from our site. All beats that are NOT sold exclusively within seven (7) days, will then be added to our Beats Catalog for leasers as well as our Membership Program. However, the beat(s) will remain on this page until a member decides to use that instrumental or it is leased. If the instrumental is used by a member or leased, then the 'buy exclusively' button will be removed from this page. The cost of exclusive ownership is $250.00USD per instrumental. Please take a look at our terms and conditions for more info.

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